Cheap Rego Inspection Runflat Tyres Sydney

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Posted: 4 Jan 2019

Tyre Genie is bulk buying tyre company from famous tyre manufacturers and authorized wholesalers. As a wholesaler, we offer you cheapest tyre online. We are specialists in run flat tyres. Run Flat tyres are designed specifically for purpose of remaining functional, for a limited amount of time, with no air pressure in the tyre. This means that whenever you suffer a puncture whilst driving, the tyre will still be usable for around fifty miles. This gives you time to drive the car home, or to a nearby garage. The difference with a run flat tyre, compared to a normal tyre, is the strengthened sidewalls that are designed to be self-supporting even with zero pressure within the tyre. Call the product experts at +61 414 534 481. Just take a look, pick your favorite design from the preview and order it online for a super-quick delivery.