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100% DC- NO Inverter=No Energy Wasted

The System is perfect for residential,commerical,telecom,portable rooms or offices,or remote facilities where conventional or generator power is costly or unreliable.As leading technology of 100% solar air conditioner, the main features of our products are as followed:

Solar powered air conditioner requires no AC Power.

All DC-No Inverter 100% DC Operation

Variable Speed BLDC(Brushless DC)

Overnight operation available

Quite operation

Works with exernal standard solar charge controller

Batteries are configured in series/parallel for 48V dc Operation

Solar panel and battery requirements will vary based on application and local sunlight conditions


1. The product use 48V DC brushless compressor and fan motor.

2. The compressor, which is of the international famous brand, cools and heats powerfully, operates most smoothly, and runs on low load. Service life is extended.

3. The operation is calm and silent. The air conditioner adopts the advanced off-center blades and foam air duct.The high performance low noise blower is adopted. The noise reduces remarkably.

4. It is provided with the microcomputer control technique. The remote control and the control panel can be applied interchangeably. The operation is convenient and simple. The air conditioner is also provided with an automatic detection display system. You will feel beneficial, comfortable, and enjoyable with our FreeCool conditioner.

5. Uses 4 standard 12v (or 8 pcs6v) deep cycle solar batteries.

6. Uses standard 200w 48V solar panels.

7. Automatic cleaning function , Antibacterial filter net, Negative ion, Vitamin C and anti-acarid, New appearance,digital display, Three-bend evaporator

8. Remote control with big LCD, High efficiency cooling / heating, Double muting technology.

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

Wall-mounted Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner Series

Wall mounted hybrid solar air conditioner

DC Inverter Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner Series

Wall Mounted Type Hybrid DC Inverter Solar AC

Trinty System Solar Air Conditioner Series (Pressue type)

Trinty System Solar Air Conditioner Series (Unpressue type)

Trinty System Solar Air Conditioner Series (Unpressue type)

Energy Saving Compare List

Should you're interested in the wall-mounted portable 48vdc 100% off grid solar air conditioner 9000btu,12000btu,18000btu, welcome to buy or wholesale our discount products in stock at low price. We're one of the leading manufacturers in China. And the customized service is also offered in our factory.Customized solar air condition manufacturers