Siemens Common Rail Injector

Siemens Common Rail Injector
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Siemens Common Rail Injector

Siemens Vdo P/N Application(s) Range Model

5WS40000-Z PSA 1980 F0 (PSA) DW10TD 2.0 Ltr

96 521 736 80 (PSA) 2 Valve

5WS40148-Z Ford 2S6Q-9F593-AB (Ford) 1.4 Ltr Euro 3

PSA 2S6Q-9F593-AC (Ford)

  96 553 048 80 (PSA)

  1980 E7 (PSA)

5WS40149-Z Ford 2S6Q 9F593BC (Ford) 1.4 Ltr Euro 4

PSA 96 545 509 80 (PSA)

  1980 J1 (PSA)

5WS40156-4Z Ford 3M5Q 9F593DB (Ford) DW10B Class 4

PSA 1980J4 (PSA)

Volvo 96 571 445 80 (PSA)

  8603565 (Volvo)

5WS40156-Z Ford 3M5Q 9F593EB (Ford) DW10B Class 5

PSA 1980J5 (PSA)

Volvo 96 571 447 80 (PSA)

  8603564 (Volvo)

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