When You Make An Insurance Claim

Lee Goodwin
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Posted: 13 Jan 2018


When you make an Insurance Claim, your Insurers will appoint a Loss Adjuster to look after their interests. Don’t be mistaken – they are not independent – they work on behalf of the Insurance Company to make sure they minimise the amount they have to pay. They will check that you have met the contractual obligations of your Insurance policy, and that the sums you are claiming for are adequately covered. If they believe that you have not met the terms of your policy, they will try to repudiate your claim. In these circumstances the Adjuster will rely on under-insurance to significantly reduce the amount of money you are entitled to. In some cases insurers may appoint forensic scientists to investigate how it happened in an effort to give them evidence to void the the policy. Like every party employed by Insurers, they too are not independent, as ultimately their allegiance and pay is from the Insurance company.

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