Leak Detection Specialists in UK - Thornton Roof Leak Detection

Leak Detection Specialists in UK - Thornton Roof Leak Detection
Stephen Thornton
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Thornton Roof Leak Detection is the first company to electronically test flat roof coverings in the UK. As the UK leak detection specialists, our vision is to pioneer roofing investigation methods with the ambition of significantly extending the lives of flat roofs globally, whilst providing clients with a service that retains local company relationships. Contact us at 01342 410508 or visit https://thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk/underground-leak-detection/basements/

About Thornton Roof Leak Detection:

Thornton Roof Leak Detection specialise in locating and analysing leaks in buildings& other waterproof structures. Our experienced team of field testers, consultants and office management have a very high quality ethic and always provides a professional and prompt approach! Established for over 25 years, we provide an extensive range of services, including roof leak detection, leakage and roofing consultation. Please feel free to call us on 01342 410508. For more, https://www.thorntonroofleakdetection.co.uk/

Roof Leak Detection UK:

Our expertise has been developed over almost 4 decades of experience, in manufacturing, quality control, troubleshooting and testing. We have been electronically testing flat roof coverings for leaks in mastic asphalt, felt and single ply for over 20 years. We also pioneered the concept of integrity testing in 1987, since when we have worked on major developments such as Broadgate and Canary Wharf in London, Bluewater and the latest Shopping Centre, Westfield (plus a host of others).

Professional Leak Detection Services for Walls:

When we first started testing roofs for leaks over 20 years ago, we quickly discovered that not all roofs were actually leaking and that the roof leaks were actually originating in walls above. This could include parapets, glazing, brick walls, etc. Unfortunately, many such elements are often designed incorrectly or fixed poorly. As a consequence, we decided to extend our test services to other bulding elements and have established over the years that many leaks are due to poor design or installation in walls.

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East Grinstead,

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United Kingdom,


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