GM 55487663 NOx Sensor

GM 55487663 NOx Sensor
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Posted: 25 Sep 2021

Xenons4U is the UK’s leading high-quality and affordable car parts provider. If you have done on-board computer scan after seeing check engine light on the dashboard and your car is showing any of these error codes P11DC P11DB P229F62 P229F P2202 P2201 P2203 U029E00 U029E U029D00 U029D, it means that NOX sensor has failed. We offer GM 55487663 Continental SNS427 A2C12454100-01 NOX Sensor. Fix this issue as soon as possible to avoid any damages to DPF filter, otherwise diesel particulate matter or soot can clog filter and it will cost you thousands to fix. Error cleaning may be required, but just once after fitting new NOX sensor. For more information or to order visit our website.