snacks food and drinks

snacks food and drinks
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Posted: 23 Sep 2017


1.&Nbspsnacks pop( Snack food & delivery): It could be funny but the ease of ordering whatever u want just lying in bed with the payment option according to my choice is something amazing. Sometimes grocery shopping is quite a heavy task n also when we don't want to go out. After working so hard for all day we would not want to stay in grocery store line waiting for your turn to get your stuff. Not to worry, Snacks pop is here at your rescue, they provide us the ease of ordering snacks from the comfort of your home with the payment option of our choice, the product will be delivered to your step, the delivery time may vary according to the availability of products in your location. so download our app and start ordering. You can also place an order from our website, whichever means is possible we're happy to help.

2. Snacks pop( snack seller): There are people who like to feed other people with their extra ordinary cooking talent. They enjoy cooking and inventing food items. But with the lack of a platform or an opportunity to showcase their talent, these people stay in their small places only. For such people, snack pop is providing a platform where they can sell their product online without any hassle and can be paid for their hard work. People can register themselves with us and they a license for that too. With these opportunities not only us the common people get the chance to have awesome snacks but also to those people who have an extra ordinary talent but cannot use their talents because of the lack of opportunities. If you can make good snacks register with us, you can get your work recoganised appreciated and paid at the same time.

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