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Ghost Hunt at Drakelow Tunnels

City: Worcester
Last visit: 11 Jul 2013
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Posted: 11 Jul 2013


285,000 sq ft of pitch black tunnels await you at Drakelow Tunnels & Nuclear Bunker. Terrifying physical experiences, Poltergeist activity and even full apparitions have all been witnessed here and you have the opportunity to join Haunted Happenings weeknights team as we investigate this location. This may be the most darkest and frightening 4 hours of your life! You will have the opportunity to carry out Vigils and Séances with equipment including Ouija Boards, EMF Meters and Dowsing Rods, guided by the experienced Haunted Happenings team. This event runs from 6pm - 10pm and is only £25.00 per person.

Event date: 25/08/13